Hello there! I'm a software engineer based in London, UK. I currently work at Google as a Site Reliability Engineer on the Google Compute Engine team.

Occasionally, I blog about things I think are interesting to share. Check out my blog, or my latest few posts:

Previously I worked at Twitter, where I have been a core member of Twitter Blue's team as it launched in the US and dramatically increased subscribers, leading the engineering of features & subscriptions infrastructure on iOS. Later, I pivoted to a backend-focused role (Java/Scala/Thrift and a proprietary microservices platform), delivering improvements to Twitter's ad stack worth $XX millions as the tech lead of a task-force aiming to improve ads for small/medium businesses.

In 2016 I was selected as one of the first 100 students to attend the Apple Developer Academy. In 2017 and 2019 I was selected by Apple as one of the 350 students worldwide to receive a scholarship to attend Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, CA. The projects I submitted for both are open source! In 2021 I graduated from Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II", obtaining a BSc in Computer Science with a final score of 110/110.

Here are some cool projects I was involved in:

  • I am one of the core developers of "ESOL", an official app of Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" used by all the students of one of the most important universities in Italy, published on both Android (React Native) and iOS (Swift).
  • I love web development and Vue.js, and while I made several non-public projects with it, I open-sourced a multi-platform app (Electron) and webapp to graphically simulate some simple CPU scheduling algorithms and strategies.
  • I like Rust and I open-sourced plus485, a software to extensively query and format information from a particular kind of energy meter and oxixenon, an expandable tool with its own protocol and client to abstract and handle "connection restarts" (i.e. obtaining new external IP addresses). Both tools were deployed on embedded systems which required cross compilation, and I manually handled the whole process.
  • While old fashioned, I really like Perl (CPAN profile) and made quite a few projects with it. Some honorable mentions include WWW::Telegram::BotAPI, the de facto implementation of Telegram's Bot API in Perl, and clooster, a tool (mostly created for fun) to create a "fail-over DNS record" which points to the first online server in an array of two.

You can reach me at roberto [at] frenna [dot] pro. Feel free to check out my GitHub, and you can find me on LinkedIn and Keybase too.