Hello there! I'm a software engineer based in London, UK. I currently work at Twitter as an iOS Engineer on the team that is crafting the world's first subscription product for a social network, Twitter Blue!

Previously I worked at ASOS, where my day-to-day work was primarily Swift-based, although I made significant contributions to tooling and the CI/CD stack (using a mixture of Ruby and shell scripts). During my tenure, I've diagnosed multiple production issues (even non-iOS related), made numerous improvements to automation and release processes, learned how to use tools such as New Relic and brought multiple features from inception to completion, managing communication with product owners and third parties.

In 2016 I was selected as one of the first 100 students to attend the Apple Developer Academy. In 2017 and 2019 I was selected by Apple as one of the 350 worldwide students to receive a scholarship to attend Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, CA. The projects I submitted for both are open source! In 2021 I graduated from Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II", obtaining a BSc in Computer Science with a final score of 110/110.

I fell in love with computer science since I had my first computer and I've been practicing and learning the art of programming since I was 11. Being passionate has led me to pursue various roads and to learn multiple technologies when growing up. I'm proficient in frontend and backend engineering and I'm also experienced with iOS and React Native app engineering. I like to design applications and systems with security and robustness in mind, prioritizing code quality, tests and documentation. I'm extremely fascinated by cyber security and Linux system administration, a thing which paired with my curiosity usually leads me to peek in places where I shouldn't be – I love discovering and guessing how things work. I currently use Windows, macOS and a variety of GNU/Linux distributions (top choice: Arch Linux).

Here are some cool projects I'm involved in:

  • I am one of the core developers of "ESOL", an official app of Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" used by all the students of one of the most important universities in Italy, published on both Android (React Native) and iOS (Swift).
  • I love web development and Vue.js, and while I made several non-public projects with it, I open-sourced a multi-platform app (Electron) and webapp to graphically simulate some simple CPU scheduling algorithms and strategies.
  • I like Rust and I open-sourced plus485, a software to extensively query and format information from a particular kind of energy meter and oxixenon, an expandable tool with its own protocol and client to abstract and handle "connection restarts" (i.e. obtaining new external IP addresses). Both tools were deployed on embedded systems which required cross compilation, and I manually handled the whole process.
  • While old fashioned, I really like Perl (CPAN profile) and made quite a few projects with it. Some honorable mentions include WWW::Telegram::BotAPI, the de facto implementation of Telegram's Bot API in Perl, and clooster, a tool (mostly created for fun) to create a "fail-over DNS record" which points to the first online server in an array of two.
  • I was responsible for the design, development and deployment of all of the backends behind my team's apps during my stay at the Apple Developer Academy. I used modern PHP, PostgreSQL as the RDBMS and when needed, Perl with Mojolicious for realtime purposes (e.g. websockets, pub-sub).

Here are some technologies and frameworks I'm familiar with:

  • Frontend development: Besides HTML5, CSS (and SASS) and Javascript (with ES2017 features), I'm familiar with Vue.js and React, other than a number of libraries.
  • Desktop app/script development: Perl has been my preferred language to write scripts and apps for a long time, but I also used Java, C# and recently Rust. I love shell script.
  • Mobile app development: I can create complex native apps in Swift (for iOS) and also cross-platform apps using React Native. I also experimented with native Android apps and Kotlin.

You can reach me at roberto [at] frenna [dot] pro. Feel free to check out my GitHub, and you can find me on LinkedIn and Keybase too.

I worked hard to optimize this website as much as possible, eventually reaching the maximum score on PageSpeed. If it feels slow for you, please let me know.